Homeworld: Tales of the Vjel-Amaj - Compendium.

The following content is based on a fanfiction called “Homeworld: Tales of the Vjel-Amaj”; a fanfiction based in the universe of Relic Entertainment's PC Game “Homeworld” and its sequels. Foremost, the content is intended to cover plotholes, open questions and outtakes. In short, this is just an optional readup on background info of a fanfic. :)

Author's Note: I apologize for lingual and comprehensive mishaps.

Bloodline: Amaji (Fullblood)

Race (basic ethics): Kushan/Hiigaran (ie, ordinary Human)

The Kiith Amaj comprises mainly of the Amaji bloodline. The Amaji bloodline actually consists of a young generation that is a descendant of the Hiigarans who participated in the harsh colonial doctrines featuring “donations” and breeding servitude. Millions of children were bred throughout the entire Empire to counter the extremely low birth rate due to the given natures of galaxy. While cosmic radiation does not cause any extreme physical abnormalities, it greatly suppresses the rate of successful reproduction.

When the Vaygr threat was perceived many years before the actual outbreak of total war, the Hiigaran Daiamid had legislated extreme doctrines to artificially increase the birth rate. Somewhat aggressive methods throughout social and genetic engineering were developed and strictly enforced.

~ The full history of Amaji Prime and its colonization can be found under Providence – The colony vessel turned space station that orbits Amaji Prime.

Many generations of children were brought to distant colonies... but a specific generation was sent to populate the habitable planet, Amaji Prime, the vast orbiting colony vessel and a selected few colonies and outposts throughout its seven star cluster found in the eastern fringe of the Hiigaran Empire's borderline. Throughout the course of the Hiigaran-Vaygr war, Amaji Prime had become one of the key bridgeheads for deep space operations within Vaygr territory.

Ironically, the eldest of the todays Amaji are just at the end of their 20s ever since the war ended.

Shortly after the costly war against the Vaygr crusades, the Kiith Amaj achieved “acceptance” as an independent kiith – Independence as in no longer considered a segment of the Empire that was not even seen as a vassal kiith. The opinions whever the Kiith Amaj should be free or not vary greatly amidst the minds of the Hiigarans. Unfortunately, the Daiamid and the majority of kiithid throughout the Hiigaran Empire perceived the Amaji Independence Act as an act of treason despite the truth of their oppression upon the young breed.

Neglected by nearly all Hiigaran kiithid but a selected few, the Amaji and their few allies now must face a daily struggle for resources and security throughout their cluster as various pirate factions now attempt to claim and pillage what they can.

The Kiith Amaji Navy of today is deemed rather powerless; considering its fleet that only comprises of many sloops, frigates, antique strikecraft squadrons and retiring cruisers - and a flagship that is no other than an enigmatic and flexible star cruiser, the Vjel-Amaj. While the Amaji bloodline may appear to be Hiigaran, there are key differences to this independent and young bloodline, ranging from height, stature, hair and skin color to psyche and minor differences in physiology. The Amaji in general are charismatic people, who look up to those who decided to stay and help them the Kiith that was 'Only born over night'.

Due to the wide genepool of their breed, all sorts of ethics are found throughout the population; ie depending on their individual Kushan-base bloodline; it is possible to see “Amaji Nabaal” females, who commonly wear traditional headscarves, bandanas or even burqas. Surprisingly, there are slightly more females than males in the Amaji population. However, in the Amaji society, both genders consider each other as equals as due to their natural virtue of 'unification'.

The Amaji Pride

“I'll get back in touch with you later. Pride.”;

“Serving The Amaji pride.”;


~ Random Amaji quotes. Amaji greet and depart each others with the term “pride”. The Kiith Amaj is small nation that solely focuses on positive virtues. In their words, pride is not to be derived as an arrogant, nationalistic term, but what stands for their dignity. For instance, the Amaji people see pride in such Hiigarans who decided to stay upon Amaji Prime at the end of the long running war against Makaan's Vaygr Crusades. Although the homeworld Hiigara barely survived the war, many found themselves between the lines when the Amaji desperately demanded independence after being oppressed for so many years. Some would say that Amaji Prime was at the verge of a civil war against the Hiigaran Empire but all was averted. Yet, although the Hiigaran Empire accepted and declared Amaji Prime to a sovereign Kiith, the Empire removed practically everything – from experience personnel of various fields to hardware and fleet segments.

This is only one of many examples.

Whenever “pride” is spoken, the Amaji solely wish to remind themselves in honoring those who lost their lives in the war and who are now willing to stand with them against the odds of the dangerous galaxy – and to never-ever forget this. Bowing is also a trait of Amaji respect to their counterpart. Furthermore, pride also stands for true Kiith Amaji trait to embrace those who seek “ haven's embrace”; so is the name “Amaj” derived from ancicent kharakian tales and history. Ironically, some even take the term 'embrace thy stranger' literally.

Bloodline Traits

The Amaji bloodline possess a wide variety of traits that are seldom found in other bloodlines. Aside to their vivid spectrum in natural eye and hair colors, the young Amaji population were born with a row of traits most likely caused not only by the galaxy's cosmic radiation but predominantly by the Amaji star cluster itself. "Mutation" woudl be a term that would fall into one's mind, however these traits in no way grant the Amaji individuals special powers and are in fact more a curse than a burden. The Amaji traits are by no mean superhuman, despite their actual advantages as their disadvantage clearly overweighs. In many cases, having such a trait and disorder will easily cause issues in their social world. Not all traits have been discovered and it is clear today that several Amaji do not even know of their aspects that may emerge some day.

Trait: Wakewalking syndrome. Certain Amaji may possess a sleeping disorder that reminds one of insomnia. However, the physical brain and mind is widely unharmed by hours-long of REM sleep deprivation, allowing them to remain active and full of their senses for extended periods.While this is a key advantage for any serving Amaji in stressful situations, it is said that the sudden need of REM sleep may cause the individual to faint immediately for several minutes. Unfortunately, it is known that such individual are subject to nightmares, thought extremely short-lived, as their physical body only requires a minimum of two hours of sleep. Even so, such individual is prone to moments of discomfort. Example: Kelsea Amaj

Trait: Gray-Eye syndrome. Other traits include a disorder in an Amaji's perception sense. Certain Amaji are truly colorblind; seeing the world in vast schemes of contrasts between black, grey and white. Such Amaji will never learn to cherish the vivid colors in life. Even though this is a serious issue for many, one aspect remains a key advantage; the ability of heightened perception in darkness. Without the use of technology, the Amaji's challenged perception can see things that are deeply conceal in darkness as well as being able to sense a very faint aura from people and objects. While this may sound as an advantage, such Amaji will suffer deeply as he or she cannot serve in various professions that require unchallenged senses. Example: Velle Xoti Amaj

General Attributes: Amaji

These stats are to give the reader a bit of a general overview on how the average male and female Amaji are in comparison with others using the same sort of scale and descriptions. These are just roughly chosen numbers just to give an idea, nothing more.

The majority of the Amaji in age are from late teenagers to young adults (~18 to 28 yrs old.) Few Attributes (ranging from 1 to 10; 10 being extraordinary good)

Strength: 4 (varies, depending on gender/training)

Charisma: 8 (varies, depending on gender)

Intelligence: 7

Considering their looks, the Amaji in general are not physically strong. Most are slender by nature – even the rare examples are barely close to overweight. Overall, Amaji are healthy. As an example of their low strength values, Amaji have severe issues with standard issue Hiigaran firearms that were left behind. Such firearms are commonly too powerful for the Amaji layman and it takes much training and fitness to strengthen their muscles. The problem has gone so far that the Kiith Amaj found it imperative to develop firearms for the Amaji physiology. On the other hand, Amaji are surprisingly charismatic and creative and always consider to work in groups.

In groups, they are well known for solving problems via macguyver'ism and well known for their patience, making them ideal for any civil field and trading. Due to cosmic radiation, certain Amaji have altered aspects, such as hair colors different than the natural Hiigaran ones and other minor differences (this is only a natural cosmetic difference. Genetic mutation does not mean superpowers ;)). In terms of trade and communication, they are well accepted and are keen in arranging profits without negative persuasion. They are good at articulating themselves. However, their charisma in connection with their alignment will easily brings issues when interacting with chaotic alignments such as criminals. The youthful but naive looks can easily raise prejudice upon them.

Willpower: 3

As for their psyche, their alignment would be something alike “Lawful Good” coupled with a note of “Pacifistic”. All are individuals, of course, but generally, Amaji will avoid the use of violence. Thus, even those Amaji operatives who have knowledge in combat are easily troubled and will be hesitant whenever they must choose to pull the trigger.

Like any other (humanoid) being throughout the story, an Amaji individual will react differently in stress situations. Unfortunately, an Amaji is likely to be led by flight rather than fight instincts – usually led by panic. Amaji always tend to work in groups and will commonly “look up to people”. This is probably one of the key reasons why the Amaji respect those Hiigarans who decided to stay with the Kiith Amaj and live the same daily struggles.

Aspects in situations

'Teamwork' – Amaji will always work in groups. Amaji will suffer penalties in efficiency if they are alone or not lead by a teamleader of some sort.

Example: Combat vs boarding party. Commanding Hiigaran gets killed – They being to lose integrity and focus due to first signs of 'panic'.

Amaji are easily intimidated. This of course depends on the individual; for instance if he/she is a marine.


Only those who are willing to sustain stress are able to suppress their pacifistic/fretful aspects are able to serve as viable units in the Amaji Marine Corp.

Amaji Male

While Amaji males are only marginally taller than their female counterparts, they are still slightly smaller than the average Hiigaran man. Although the common Amaji have not reached the age beyond their 20s yet, it is likely that they will remain at around the average of 1.68m. Young Amaji men throughout the Operative Corps are generally shy and generous, but most commonly thoughtful and quiet. Most of them are helpful and tend to reconsider decisions before making their move. At times, they can get nervous and will stutter if intimidated.

~ In short, these guys may appear to be wimps (slightly) but they know how to do their job.

They are well known for being considerate and respectful with counterparts. At times of stress, they will usually suggest to pull back and avoid direct confrontations. Despite their shyness, they are still highly reliable and will cooperate with orders from superiors, as they always assume that person is in the right. Amaji Men are commonly seen in various technical fields, especially when operating with scientific units. Nevertheless, there are no borders that segregate them in any way to their female counterparts. The men are also well in mathematics and such that has to do with logic and number.

Amaji men tend to have the natural hair color spectrum alike Hiigarans, but there are rare specimen who may differ. Appearance-wise, these guys appear rather average to weak than tough. Their shyness however makes them “attractive” to their female counterpart, since the females tend to be more open with emotions and be direct. Do note that Amaji men will always try to break the stereotype of playing the 'Shy Guy' trope. People of other cultures/tougher bloodlines will tend to make fun of them – especially when compared with the Amaji female.

Amaji Female

Young Amaji women are commonly more talkative than their rather quiet counterpart and it is surprising for the residual Hiigarans within the Kiith Amaj to see so many serving throughout various areas. They are often seen in communicative, scientific and social fields that require diplomatic prowess, too. Nevertheless, there are no borders that segregate them in any way to their male counterparts. It remains a mystery why there are noticeably more women than men. However, the Kiith Amaji government reveals no sign of matriarchy and treats both equally. Considering the mild-but -noticeable ratio, some assume that cosmic radiation residing in the star cluster they were bred many years before may have caused this. This assumption is also assumed for the notable hair colors. Foremost, Amaji women tend to have a wider color spectrum regarding their hair. It is not extreme but simply noticeable.

Example: Velle Xoti Amaj (dark purple hair taint)

Amaji women tend to approach things directly. While not hasty, they certainly cut-to-the-chase faster than the Amaji men. Amaji women are often charming and calm (both in voice and appearance), but also know how to put up with a verbal fight. Some say that the Amaji women are tough opponents in debates; making them ideal people for politics, legal departments and stock market/trade as well. One noticeable trait is their distinct way of seeing things. They are able to perceive 'beauty' in just about anything and anyone. Especially in social interactions, they are able to see beyond the surface. ~ Ugly/shy guys are lucky here.

Amaji in the military

Due to the given situation, their nature and age, the Amaji of Kiith Amaj lack the military psyche that is fixed in other common navies. Furthermore, the Amaji Navy itself totally lacks experienced military personnel and command initiatives; a problem that is barely solved by the scarce numbers of remaining Hiigaran officers and talents who decided to stay. To cope with their serious problem, the creative Kiith Amaj forged doctrines that introduced civilian corporations into the various segments of the military; as supportive and complementary units. Those who these corporations and serve are known as Operatives. In naval customs, Amaji Operatives are the basic crewmen who server in various fields available. Aside to specific fields such as Engineering, basic operatives (support operatives, for instance) are 'jack of all trades', which allow them to adapt to fields just by following the instructions of the superior Chief-Operatives. They are commonly called upon whenever focus is required; should it be the need for medical evacuation, damage control or even security issues. Operatives commonly lack military knowledge, which makes them inferior to opposing forces such as pirate boarding parties.

Amaji are scarce throughout the Amaji marine corp, yet those who serve here learn from their experienced Hiigaran superiors how to protect and serve with force and military tactics.

Amaji Halfblood

Logically, true Amaji fullbloods do not exist; as all Amaji are likewise 'colonial offsprings' of the Hiigarans and are instead partially unique and partially based on other kiithid bloodlines. Aside to rare physiological differences, Amaji bloodlines are of course capable of mixing with other cultures, such as Taiidans, Vaygr and others. In the later arcs of the story, certain characters will reveal that they are not “Amaji fullbloods” and will 'mix' with others :). Foremost, the term Halfblood is referred to those whose Amaji bloodline is mixed a non-Hiigaran one.

Example: Aaron Salico.

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