To learn more about the history of the Hiigarans, please refer to this insightful article of Encyclopedia Hiigara.

The article below follows the fanon perspective of the Hiigaran bloodline and its empire.

The term Hiigaran is referred to all people of the Hiigaran Empire and its Homeworld, Hiigara. Excluding the independant Kiith Amaj, all other kiithid throughout the empire are considered Hiigaran. Although kiithid have established their enclaves and claimed these regions as their sovereignty, they are respected as Hiigarans likewise. In other words, while sub-races exist, they are still referred to as Hiigaran. The bloodline manaan can be found in any other kiithid, too.

Additionally, this article is also intended to avoid confusions or mishaps with genetic terms or racial differences that are used throughout the stories. For instance, it is common to meet Hiigaran Fullbloods; This does not mean that this specific race is superior in status or "pure in blood" - meaning that a Hiigaran Fullblood does not denounce any other race. A HIigaran Fullblood may be the real world's caucasian, asian, african or any other race. Likewise, a Manaan Fullblood would refer to the darker skin tone, traits and stature of african/hispanic heritage.

However - "pure in blood" discrepancies have risen ever since the introduction of the genetic Breeding Grades.

(more below in Hiigaran Genetics)

The Hiigaran PrideEdit

Following the events of Homeworld series and the resulting plot in this fanfiction, the Hiigaran people have suffered a century of terrors. Their struggles; venturing from the outer rim to their true Homeworld Hiigara, surviving the infectious Beast, plagues and the final survival at the brink of death against the Vaygr; had forged the Empire's population together.

All gaze upon the Sjet Persona, Karan Sjet, who is today known as the true Sajuuk-Khar . Despite being a Hiigaran of the Kiith Sjet in flesh and blood, the entire Empire praise her as a goddess, as she is the true chosen one who united the trinity cores into the heart of Sajuuk. Although praised as a goddess, Karan refrains from any public and political interactions, respectfully giving the path of the Hiigaran Empire to the Daiamid.

Today, the Hiigara must now recover from the long-lasting war against the Vaygr crusades. However, it is noticeable that the Daiamid and the political situations throughout the Hiigaran Empire had become fragile. Those that do not attend to the recovery of the empire often find themselves sanctioned into even miserable situations - but for the first time ever, the Daiamid conducted the extreme messure: The negligence of the Kiith Amaj.

Whether considered an extreme measure or not, the Hiigarans accept the decision of the Daiamid as the only key example of pride reflecting the future of the empire. Those who refuse to devote themselves to the Hiigaran Empire are to be banished and forgotten.

Basic Infomration about the Hiigaran BloodlinesEdit

Reminder: Each Bloodline and their respective Kiith will receive an article. Also note that a "Kiith Hiigara" does not exist. All types of ethic appearances can be found in all kiithid and races throughout the galaxy. People are visually distinguished not only skin color, but other prime aspects such as tatoos, appearance (Sjet people are commonly bald, depending on their kiithidial status), etc.

Hiigaran Fullblood Physiology (general)Edit

While it is likely to confront an average Hiigaran Fullblood in the appearance of a the real world caucasian, the population of Hiigaran Empire is culturally colorful. One key difference is their average height; Opposed to the Amaji physiology, Hiigarans are notably tallers - especially when comparing females.

Nevertheless, the Hiigarans are not limited to Hiigara as common kiithid have claimed nearby space, or became spacefaring and remotely-based enclaves, such as the Kiith Manaan Enclave, the Kiith Somtaaw(non-Nebuli), Paktu/LiirHra and many more. Some consider planet-born to be healthier due to natural surroundings rather than space-born, and have developed the term Hii-born (a portmanteau to highborn).

General Attributes: Hiigaran (Fullblood)Edit

Ethic Abundance: caucasian predominantely

Fullbloods are commonly found throughout various kiithid, but lesser throughout the Kiith Manaan, Asune and LiirHra. Hiigaran Fullbloods are considered calm-minded individuals.

General Attributes: ManaanEdit

Ethic Abundance: hispanic/latin american/african

Manaan are a exotic people found today in the tribally driven Kiith Manaan enclave. They are strong-willed, determined, adventerous but also very tempered. Especially the hotheaded temperament of manaan females is well known throughout the Hiigaran population, wheras manaan males are of a calmer nature. The manaan bloodline are considered the bravest but also the most stubborn. Subraces of the manaan are also known for their

General Attributes: Somtaaw and SobanEdit

Ethic Abundance: caucasian/european/russian/etc

Over the course a century, the Somtaaw kiith once found themselves with little to no power in the Hiigaran world and began to venture dangerous space. Throughout this time, this bloodline is well known for the abundance of spaceborn aspects, such as having pale, dry skin - but also being extremely capable in stressful situations and environments.

General Attributes: NabaalEdit

Ethic Abundance: indian/african/mid-eastern to south-asian/caucasian/etc

General Attributes: AsuneEdit

Ethic Abundance: asian

General Attributes: Gaalsien/SiidimEdit


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