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Welcome to a Homeworld Fanfiction Wikia

This wikia is dedicated to a "Homeworld" Fanfiction called: "Homeworld: Tales of the Vjel-Amaj" and is intended to serve as a background compendium of the fanfiction's content. The Fanfiction itself is based within the brilliant universe of Relic Entertainment's PC Game “Homeworld(tm)” and its respective sequels. No infringement intended, as this is just a fanfaction.

However, this fanfiction has turned out to become a fun project and developing and seeding ideas has brought the need of finding a place for interested readers to look up for details without rambling the plotflow of the story with too many details.

The fanfiction's creative content including this wiki is developed of the fic-Author Homeworld_Sparki.

Foremost, the content in this wiki will attempt to cover plotholes, open questions, background detail and outtakes.

~ In short, this is just an optional readup on background info of a fanfic. :)

Note: Due to inconsistencies with languages, the writer deeply appologizes for any mistakes that will be found throughout this wiki.

Introduction and Teaser of the "HW:Tales of the Vjel-Amaj" fanfiction

The plot of TotVJ primarily focuses upon Aira, so-called entity in form of an enigmatic girl and her spiritual connection to eponymous cruiser, the "Vjel-Amaj", and its crew of the clan known as the Kiith Amaj - hailing from a fringe star constellation of the Hiigaran Empire and planet known as ´Amaji Prime´. The story also circles upon the First Officer, Commander Hailynn Delixa; a strong-willed, much respected,yet flawed female officer who survived the recent long-lasting war against the Vaygr Crusades.

The timeline of the story is set only a few years after the terrors of the Hiiigaran-Vaygr war. The war was costly. Shortly after its end, a new Kiith has emerged and declared independency from the Hiigaran Empire that had been exploiting it. Being at the fringe of the Hiigaran Empire, the new-found freedom however left the so-called Kiith Amaj in a dangerous state. Entirely neglected by their former oppressors, the nation is surrounded by pirate factions whilst lacking security and support. Aside to these issues, the nation itself mainly comprises of a young men and women who are in their mid-20s. Many outer kiithid see the Kiith Amaj´s indepency as a silent betrayal and thus are greatly disgusted of its move regarding this vulnerable age of the Empire; some even are amused of the situation the Kiith Amaj had brought itself into.

Yet, not all could neglect the young Kiith. War-Veterans who were stationed at Amaji Prime learned that they could not leave these young defenseless people behind. Leaving them behind to an enslaving fate was something that would certainly haunt many of veterans. Despite their heroic intentions, the galaxy remains a dangerous place the remaining heroes and kiithid who now support the Kiith Amaj, sharing the everyday struggle for supplies, prosperity and freedom.

Special Features of this Fanfic

The personal goal of this fanfiction is foremost learning how to write true female characters in a sophisticated story, develop original characters, lore and Kiithid(clans) that never existed before in the Homeworld-universe. Developing realistic figures is another goal. Aside to the occassions of spaceship warfare, the story is also centered upon a girl´s spirituality and her enigmtic religious roots to a distant culture.

Judging her somewhat psychic connection to the Vjel-Amaj vessel and time and space, many consider her a machine, supernatural and due to her heritage known as religious fanatic, a fearsome existence ... but she is resembles an adolescent girl with both a fragile mind and body. Lost in this new culture, Aira seeks the answers to the many questions : Who am I... and why do I exist?

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