Kiith Supremacy is a term that describes the superior cultural lordship throughout various kiithid (clans). It is very likely for the supremacy´s agenda to overpower the political and military government throughout an entire kiith. Every member possess a voice in a council that controls the present and future of entire kiithid. Even the lowest voice of the kiith has a superior status above those without.

Due to its superior nature, common folk without kiithidial voice tend to fear involvements with the supremacy. In smaller kiithid however, the kiith supremacy may not possess enough political strength to completely control the nation. Yet, their agendas can still factor into the decisions of the common political structure. Furthermore, it is not rare to see political conflicts and the play of power between the internal structures of a kiith. Disputes between the groups of kiith spokensmen and politicians occur almost daily.

Notably in smaller kiithid, the kiith supremacy may consist of a coalition formed by smaller cults and societies. Such coalition will "intend" to coexist with the basic government, but it is likely that the individual societies will actually follow their personal agendas.

The Kiith Supremacy within the Kiith Amaj

Following the negligance of the Hiigaran Empire, the new-born and independent Kiith Amaj suddenly found itself in a troublesome situation. The foundation of the Amaji generation only consisted of young men and women who had no true knowledge of maintaining their newly gained freedom. A great number of assets were left behind but none truly knew what to do.

Although the new Kiith Amaj was fragile and vulnerable, the remaining war veterans called upon their individual kiithid for support. Although the space lanes were no longer safe, various groups of kiithid dispatched a cooperative convoy to the distant fringe constellation, bearing material and goods that major kiithid could spare. The result was the establishment of both a provisional government and a co-existing kiith supremacy consisting of various smaller societies and minor branching segments of the major kiithid. Considering their individual agendas, little is known about their true intentions as only a selected few reveal open support and plans to the provisional government. While a single kiith segment cannot overthrow the provisional government, it is common to sense the note of political manipulation. Nonetheless, the co-existing kiith supremacy focuses on the greater good, albeit on the expenses of the Amaji population and serving units.

The Kiith Amaj of today is barely a few years old and each day involves all supporting kiithid developing strategies, managing concerns, decisions and conducting both domestic planetary and outer space operations for the survival of the Kiith Amaj. It is an ongoing struggle that requires much effort. However, some kiithid tend to following other intentions at times. Especially these cult societies are considered mysterious as information seldomly leaves their residents.

Foremost, the Kiith Supremacy of the Kiith Amaj resides deep within the vast orbiting colony vessel, Providence; which also accommodates a sheltered city within. Planetary interaction and other operations are primarily supervised within Providence´s command center.

Notable Kiith ranks (kiithidial voices) within the Kiith Amaj

~ The ranking structure of a Kiith is based upon the reference material given by "Homeworld" series, but also from fanon elements. Thus, some of the mentioned terms are not canon in any way. For more information about the official kiithid in "Homeworld" that are also referred to in this fanfiction, please visit:

-Encyclopedia Hiigara Wikia - Kiith

Generally speaking, the name of the kiith is spoken first; the suffix reveals its rank. The highest voice and rank for instance is "Kiith-Sa". Currently, no Kiith-Sa of any kind resides within the Kiith-Amaj. Nevertheless, the suffix "-Sa" (or 'sa) still reveals the superior level in a kiithidial rank.

One following example would be the rank "Amaj-Krin'sa". A person of this kiithidial voice bears the lowest rank of significance in a kiith, yet one must know that this is the very first step into a Kiith, especially for outsiders. Despite being weak in voice, especially Krin'sas are highly respected as they can only be chosen by the higher officials and introduced into the kiith society. A Krin'sa also gains higher privileges and can even have access to any asset of the kiith.

~Example: Krin´sa Hailynn Delixa diverting financial assets for her next mission.

A Kiith'Sren on the other hand is a kiithidal voice of much higher significance and power .

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