This article is intended to bring insight on the visual appearances of various bloodlines and individuals of factions in the Homeworld Fanfiction "Tales of the Vjel-Amaj". Please note that the entire content is entirely fanon. Foremost, all individuals are humanoid - and closely resemble the modern day human (Note that this does count for rare xeno-races such as the Bentusi). Key aspects and the "real life" equivalents will be mentioned to help readers imagine or visualize the appearances.

In short, the focus of this article is upon the appearances in this fanfiction - not in the HW canon - using real world examples and thorough explanations.

Language: Galactic CommonEdit

Galactic Common is the language that all species use to communicate amongst each other in the Homeworld Universe. It has no defined origin, as all races native to the Homeworld galaxy seem to use it as their primary language, though with regional dialects.

Source of excerpt : Encyclopedia Hiigara - Wikia Article "Galactic Common"

In short, various species of the HW universe communicate in an understandable baseline language. In this fanfiction, other languages exist, including greater focuses upon dialects that for instance require greater lingual knowledge.

Furthermore, in this fanfiction, the descendants of the Imperial Taiidan barely use Galactic Common as they foremost speak in Taiidanese; which is a fanonized 'Taiidan Common' speech of japanese and similar wordplay (more below).

Example: Kelsea Amaj using an obsolete hand sign language to interact with the Tobari cultures of Herani in Totvj: Part Four.

General Information about Hiigarans/Kushan, TaiidansEdit

As assumed throughout the HW fan community, the Hiigarans (aka Kushan) and Taiidans are considered "100% earth-like humans" with all common traits and ethic appearances. For Hiigarans, the ethic bloodlines and appearances, while broad and colorful, may be broken down to various segments of their Kiith heritage. It is simple for the common folk to determine a person of their kiith heritage, from their physical appearance to the minor note of accented speech.

In this fanfiction, the term Kushan is also used as a substitute for the word "human". The intention behind this is to avoid the crossover with the assumption that all people are "terran humans" as all of this takes place in an entirely different galaxy. Other terms are derived from this word, such as Kushanity, which is a play of words referring to Humanity. The term itself, however, is mainly used by the Amaji people who consider to honor their ancestors and root of their mankind. Hiigarans of today seldomly refer to themselves as Kushans.

Note that racism does not come in the terms of the real world perception but by "kiith heritage" (somewhat kiithism). For instance, due to historical acts of their ancestors, the Kiith Gaalsien/Siidim were punished and pledged an eternal oath of servitude for their deeds. Despite the passing of millenia, the Gaalsi/Siidim are still oppressed by other kiithid; secretly, most of the time. Once victors and now slaves, these people never had the chance to rise to freedom since then.

Considering their history, it is one of many serious matters as the Gaalsi/Siidim decendants barely know what sins their ancestors had caused.

Another example would be a person´s point of view upon another Kiith; such as the Kiith Paktu/LiirHra, which is depicted in this fanfic as a notably greedy industrial kiith. Other examples include political disputes.

As for the Taiidans in this fanfiction, the minor difference resides in a slightly greater ratio of the asian bloodline; featuring a greater mix of asian-caucasian, asian-african, etc.

Example: Delophane Vamaii

The rather minor Kiith Asune is also well known for their great percentage of asian people; whose decendants are well found throughout the Kiith Amaj. The Kiith Asune and the Kiith Amaj have slightly more asian fullbloods than mixed in appearance.

Example: Tsuji Amaj, Mitsuki Amaj A more abstract difference opposing to the "human" Hiigaran/Taiidan would be the Turanic bloodlines, whose foreheads are rigged, including occassional nose wrinkles. Unlike the flat and smooth-headed Hiigarans and Turanics, the structuring and forms of the ridges and wrinkles are respectively unique to each Turanic bloodline. As an example, although Turanic, the rigged foreheads of a Tau Corsari would differ greatly from the common Turanic Raiders bloodlines.

Cultures and Ethic ApperancesEdit

The following articles below reveal the fanon versions of the bloodlines and races that appear in the "Tales of the Vjel-Amaj" fan-universe. The intention behind these links is not to spoil the content but to give the readers basic information about the individuals, using simple real world references and examples. Note that the Hiigaran bloodlines are actually broken down into seperate Kiithid. All real world races appear in every kiithid, only with the notable majority being mentioned as the common person to meet.

Bloodlines (general)Edit

Bloodline: Amaji

Bloodline: Hiigaran (General)

Bloodlines by KiithEdit

Bloodline: Nabaal

Bloodline: Manaan

Bloodline: Gaalsi/Siidim

Bloodline: Paktu/LiirHra

Bloodline: Soban

Non-Hiigaran/Amaji bloodlinesEdit

Bloodline: Kadeshi

Bloodline: Vagyr

Bloodline: Taiidan

Bloodline: Turanic

Bloodline: Tobari

List of notable KiithidEdit

Kiith Amaj

Kiith Sjet

Kiith Manaan

Kiith Nabaal

Kiith Paktu Kiith Soban



The Vaygr

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