Note: The appearance and aspects of this fan-fictional weapon is based on a reference weapon from the game XCOM:Apocalypse ; ---> the Marsec M4000 Machine Gun. It is one of many favorites of the fanfiction's author.

Tier Caliber Range Action Feed
W1+ Amaji 5mm 200m burst/full-auto 130 rounds/magazine

Caliber: Amaji 5mm Round


LMG (Light Machine Guns) are commonly weapons that fire pistol rounds in high capacities at a high rate of fire. LMGs are notable for their recoil and their use as a tool for "spray and pray". LMGs are commonly used for defense - certain are even viable for faster offensive duty such as recon.

Pros: Automatic, High Capacity, Adjustable RoF, Short Barrel, Integrated Aids (laser pointer, passive cooling), Suppression-Capable,

Cons: Low Stopping-Power, W2 Recoil, Loudness, *Weight, Cone-Spray T1 Operatives will suffer severe accuracy trouble. An untrained physique using maximum full-auto setting may result in the user being blown off his/her feet.

Despite the use of subsonic 5mm ammo, the rate of fire and spinning drum will cause noise.

Development HistoryEdit

(See Amaji Stun Pistol and Manufacturer: Arson Security Corporation for full history)

Only months later and ever since the Kiith Amaj achieved independence and was neglected by the Hiigaran Empire, the Amaji nation found itself buried in a stash of lethal-force weapons proven too powerful and questionable for the rather pacifistic Amaji individual. The key problem was the Amaji physiology that could not handle the recoil as the common public was not as sturdy in stature as a common Hiigaran; even the recoil of standard Hiigaran pistols could involve the Amaji injuring him- or herself.

The Kiith Amaj and the remaining Hiigarans found themselves in a serious situation. The mass of young Amaji are widely unable to wield the overpowering rifles doctrines due to their physiology. With the ongoing threats of Turanic Raiders always attempting to pillage Providence and the rest of the Amaji Star Cluster, the Kiith Amaj was in need of developing a new series of weapons for persoal defense. Unlike the Suto Arms Defense Initiative, which focuses primarily on light weapons for T0 and T1 units, it was inevitable that the Navy and other segments require weapons that are focused upon neutralizing hostile forces; even if this required to go against the pacifist nature of the Amaji nation.

As a manufacturer and R&D department, the Arson Security Corporation was established to focus on squad-based weapon for T2 and above; predominately administered by the Kiith Nabaal Enclave of the Kiith Amaj with the support of Suto Arms.

Urdes Nabaal and his supporting scientist, Dr. Ishir Amaj of Suto Arms, were the heads of the department to conceptualize viable projects. The greatest issue was that there were several competing projects from other departments. Although one needed to understand that this was not an arms competition, everybody took their project seriously.

One of the first projects issued by the Kiith Amaj and the Nabaali Enclave was to introduce an infantry support weapon with high capacity yet "light" enough for an Amaji operative to wield, but also threatening enough for any foe to be suppressd by its rate of fire. It was not easy to initiate the project as abstracts of patented weapon blueprints of a Nabaali predecessor was needed. Thankfully, the Nabaali Enclave received confirmation from their Hiigaran superiors as the consortiums of the Kiith Nabaal decided it was important to research on ballistics in special environments; especially such with artificial and low natural gravity fields such as Providence and Amaji Prime.

Following the expectation of a LMG, such light machine gun was to chamber the lightweight and versatile Amaji 5mm cartridge; predominately the 5mm Amaji sharp, the standard projectile round. However, the LMG could not chamber the exotic gas-round as the rate of fire and recoil could cause its user to discharge within the barrel itself or the adjacency. The project conceived the short-barreled "Arsec Mark II LMG"; drumfed with at least 130 rounds of the subsonic 5mm Amaji Sharp, "controllable" in trained hands.

Thanks to restless months of research, Arson Security implemented several achievements into the project. The Mk II does not require immediate barrel exchanges thanks to the enveloping heatsink material, allowing the use to maintain a continuous stream of suppressive fire regardless of the RoF setting. Relying on an interlocking feeding mechanism in the chamber, each round can be fired rapidly without common issues of jamming. This is also due to the aspects of the chambered 5mm Sharp ammunition. Lastly, the feeding system is self-powered by a chemical battery which enables the ammo drum to spin. The spinning drum itself is in a protective case to avoid any dirt or fabrics from its user to get stuck. Although the drumspin acceleration is superb, the high-pitched sound is a dead-giveaway.

Most of the time, Amaji operatives assigned with this weapon use its belt hung over the shoulder and fire from the hip. A laser pointer aids the user's aim.

Attributes and PerformanceEdit

The Arsec Mk II however is well known to be a "perfect imperfect". It has proven itself as a security weapon but is widely difficult for Amaji to maintain especially in stressful situations. Obviously, seasoned Hiigaran marine units prefer the Hiigaran "heavier" LMGs as they say the Amaji Mk II is simply "too light and clumsy". Technically, any user, should it be a Hiigaran or an Amaji, can provide a steady stream of fire for cover and suppression without military experience. Since accuracy is not the key purpose, many users fire from the hip. Amaji users are nonetheless especially affected by its noise and the rather imbalanced weight distribution. Despite flaws in comfort and reputation, it rarely jams and performs its task as a suppressive LMG well.

First Appearance: TOVJ Act I by Operative Velle Xoti Amaj