Carbines are essentially pared-down versions of rifles that commonly chamber the same rounds as rifles (or pistol rounds) and favor high mobility for the cost of effective range and penetration. In appearance, carbines are usually smaller than full-sized rifles yet, not always, larger than submachine guns. While inferior to their big brother rifles, various military and police forces issue these due to the lighter recoil and weight.

Even though carbines are usually issued to high-mobility troops and special forces, carbines are also supplied to non-infantry personnel as these are easier to maintain, store and operate. Carbines are often seen in service onboard stations as both cartridge and unit have been adapted to artificial gravity environments. Likewise, they are applied in sensitive areas where high power weapons could bring hazardous results; such as decompression.

Though depending on the actual faction and compositions, carbines in general have a much lower rate of fire than full automatic weapons such as assault rifles, SMGs and MGs and are applied to police and sentry forces. In general, carbines are easy to store, maintain and decompose or assemble.

However, carbines are still inferior versus tougher opposing forces that are T3+. Furthermore, carbines rarely have a rate of fire suitable for pinning down foes.

Predominantly, the Kiith Amaj defense forces field a wide variety of carbines as these are viable for backbone defense units. Furthermore, planetary police units field pistol-caliber carbines.

Types: Carbine, Auto-Carbine, Long-Barrel Carbine

Standard CarbinesEdit

Standard Carbines are usually semi-automatic long arms that are shorter than rifles but longer than SMGs and are found throughout many known cultures of the galaxy. Pistol-caliber carbines are also found in various parts of the known galaxy.

Auto-Carbine/Personal Defense Weapon (PDW)Edit

Auto-Carbines possess automatic loading mechanisms that allow a higher rate of fire (but still slower than SMGs). Although PDWs are a separate category, certain carbines such as the highly variable and modifiable Amaji duty carbines are quite effective and fulfill the aspects of such PDW.

Long-Barrel CarbineEdit

Although a longer barrel carbine breaks the actual aspect of being a "pared-down rifle", longer sophisticated barrels are to apply characteristics of a light designated marksman weapon. Unlike high-powered assault and sniper rifles, long-barrel marksman carbines allow its user greater precision even with a low-power scope as well as a lesser disorientating muzzle blast. However, such carbine setting are not feasible for multiple shots as the mechanism is prone to jam if the trigger is pulled too fast and often within a brief period.


Amaji-specific carbine variantsEdit

Carbines are quite popular throughout the Kiith Amaj defense initiatives as these are considered the backbone weapon of any police unit. Both Suto Arms Defense Initiative and Arson Security Corporations cooperate in developing wide ranges of carbines. However, one key aspect is the fact that most carbines are basic units that can be modified by a plethora of components. Easily said, one can assemble carbines like simple obvious puzzle pieces to one's desire. Adaptable loading systems belong to the key reasons why carbines are greatly desired by Amaji defense forces. Military carbines are referred to as Duty Carbines (and at times PDWs).

Loading systems and upgradesEdit

Assembling an Amaji carbine starts with the choice of the available loading systems that operate as ammunition feeding mechanisms, should be a standard semi-automatic or basic automatic system, as well as the choice of the actual cartridge selections such as the 5mm or 10mm Amaji rounds - or even the more powerful Hiigaran ones. Adjustable rails and other frame adapters allow users to apply upgrades such as scopes, bipods, folding or retractable stocks and other assets.