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~ This article is a rough write-up about the military ranking structure of the Kiith Amaj, whilst using the Vjel-Amaj starship as an example. Military segments and authorities are listed here and are loosely mentioned in combination with the other two groups (Kiith Supremacy and Operative Segments).

Note that throughout the progress of the TOVJ story that the crew of the Vjel-Amaj will evolve current structures and develop new detachments as they discover they must adapt to survive against their lethal foes. These specific new military detachments will receive seperate loose pages rathan than linked pages to avoid spoiling the plot.

Military Authority

~ The Military Authority itself contains nothing other than people of the kiith who serve by traditional means of a naval military branch and style.

Note: The Vjel-Amaj is considered unusual as it does not always truly follow the traditional structure over the progressive of its service. For instance, in Part I and prior to that story, the Executive Officer is both 2nd-in-Command and Helmswoman at the same time.

Executive Command Division

Amaji starships only have a selected few of experienced officers. These senior officers are commonly notorious figures with military histories and/or ongoing services. The executive division resides mainly within bridge command or CIC of larger military starships. The military authority always serves the superior kiith, whether it being a kiith individual or the derived orders by the kiith itself.


This title states the supreme commander of the vessel and logically declares his or her decisions the ultimate command. The Commander-in-Chief works closely with the Executive and Commanding Officers. Great privileges and burdens lay upon the shoulders of such officer as every command and every move affects the entire ship and its crew.

One must note that the Commander-in-Chief does not automatically mean that the rank is Commander, despite the name. A ranked Captain can be Commander-in-Chief, but temporarily, also a Lieutenant Colonel of a entirely different/outer segment can take over command even though superior ranks are present. In difficult times, the transferal of this decisive role may be inevitable. Additionally, a newly promoted individual will receive all command code priviledges of his or her predecessor.

Example: The Captain (Part I); or Lieutenant Colonel Kaydaana Manaan in Part I, temporarily taking over the Captain's Chair.

~ The Captain's Chair is a little bit more than a compy seat with a little touch screen like in Star Trek.

Executive Officer

The traditional First Officer is equally the 2nd-in-Command officer and is the right hand of the Commander-in-Chief. The Executive Officer is commonly a highly trusted officer who is likewise capable in leadership. However, one key difference is that an XO may entirely command a ship even while the Commander-in-Chief is present. Furthermore, an Executive Officer may even issue more commands than the Commander-in-Chief him/herself. The XO may also operate specific stations, too, and is thus not only limited to issuing commands from the commander's seat only.

Onboard the Vjel-Amaj, the Executive Officer happens to be a talented veteran who also pilots the vessel as a helmswoman.

Example: Commander Delixa

Commanding Officer

It is often the case where non-Kiith Amaji officers are introduced into the authority pool of a vessel. IE, it is possible to see a Sobani Lieutenant maintaining command over a segment of the bridge or other areas beyond. While the COs are considered "Third-in-Command", their support is always respected and often are equaled with the XO's level of authority at times. Most importantly for the Kiith Amaj's situation, COs are also summoned as tactical advisors for younger frigate captain. Some even consider COs as the best teachers and instructors for inexperienced crewmen. Bridge COs may also supervise stations such as gunnery or other primary administrations.

Example: Lieutenant Commander Orelis Nabaal; Lieutenant Colonel Kaydaana Manaan as CO of the strikecraft wing of the Vjel-Amaj; Athaniell Delixa, Part II

Secondary Divisions

The secondary command division consists of subordinate military ranks and non-commissioned initiatives who actively operate outside of the bridge command center, or even beyond a ship´s boundry. Throughout Amaji jargon, these divisions are commonly known as "men on foot" as their fields of operation are seldom fixed on one location unlike the bridge divisions. The higher the tier level, the higher the command level.

~ As a brief overview; the tier 4 Hiigaran marines are superior to the tier 3 Amaji and below. However, the lower the tier, the more are (almost exponentally) available, as every operative can become a potential armed support/security operative.

Security Detachment

The Security Detachment comprises of smaller branches, so-called Initiatives, that deal with internal and external military and security affairs of a starship. This example is focused upon the example of the Amaji starcruiser, Vjel-Amaj.

  • Senior Marine Initiative (Tier 4)
    Comprised commonly of hardened Hiigaran Marines, this initiative consists of durable soldiers trained for the case of emergency where reasonable morals and diplomacy fails. Led by experienced officers, marines build the main line of defense, for instance whenever a vessel is boarded by hostile forces. Hiigarans soldiers who decided to stay with the Kiith Amaj commonly fill this role. Senior marines are well organized, hardened for almost any situation and are specialists in marine combat. This initiative features the highest command level of the security detachments. Senior marines share their experience and train the subordinate Amaji Marines and below whenever they can. Marine Lieutenants and ranks above command this detachment. Various serving vessels lack however full combat marine initiatives as the numbers are spread thinly across the Kiith Amaji Navy.
    Example: Major Bahur
  • Amaji Marine Team (Tier 3) / Amaji Defense team (Tier 2)
    The Amaji Marine Team comprises of Amaji who have fulfilled basic training at any marine establishment of the Kiith Amaj and who now serve as supportive units for the Senior Marine Initiative. One may say that these Amaji marines fill in the blanks. Amaji marines are commonly volunteers who willingly wish to serve the Kiith Amaj in a field that is considered dangerous; but knowing the desperate neccessity for defenders being a great one. Although several groups serve onboard ships, not many teams exists as there are clearly two defined sorts. The Amaji Defense Team establishment acts as an intermediate trial for the individuals; showing if they are capable of joining the true marine establishment, else to serve as marine Privates in security establishments. Defense teams are commonly found on smaller vessels of the Kiith Amaji Navy, such as corvettes and escort frigates. In the course of the story, defense teams will be become a greater topic that must be developed in order to improve survivability.
    Acting as support units, the Amaji Marine Teams follow the orders of the Senior Marine Initiative with great precision and are trained by them whenever possible. Although Amaji marines are willing soldiers, they are commonly seen as inexperienced youngbloods who should not be involved in serious situations. If missions are considered highly dangerous, the Amaji Marine Teams are commonly told to uphold internal security while the senior marines deal with the external troubles. Amaji marines are much lesser subject to suppressions in stress situations than standard operatives. Example: Aaron Salico
  • Auxiliary/Support Operative Initiative (Tier 1)
    This segment is not entirely seen as an acting initiative. This group consists of operatives who have basic knowledge with light personal defense weapons and guard duty. Operatives are usually summoned for temporary guard duty and/or ordnance logistics. However, in desperate situations, operatives of various segments are called upon whenver situations may get out of hand - such as sudden invasions caused by boarding parties.
    Due to the nature and morals of operatives, they are prone to being intimidated (if not, overwhelmed) by hostile forces and must be always coupled with at least one united of the upper tier initiatives.
    Support Operatives are commonly summoned first for such emergency engagements. Despite this, any superior tier unit can rely on such operatives as they are willing to help where they can.
    Example: [[Operative Segment|Operative Segments]]; Velle Xoti Amaj


This list is a chain of command hierachy from top (high command) to bottom, featuring seperate ranks of military cultures that are featured in the story. Ranks of the Imperial Taiidan, Hiigaran and Kiith Amaji Navy are listed in detail in seperate pages.

(Kiith Supremacy, rank specific)

Captain • Commander-in-Chief


Lieutenant Commander • Lieutenant Colonel (Strikecraft Wing) • Imperial Major (Hiigaran Navy - SCW)

Major (Marine Corp)

Marine Captain (Marine Corp)

Captain Lieutenant (Imperial Taiidan - traditional **)

Sergeant (Master; Staff - Military Corp)

General Kiith Amaji Navy ranks

[Senior] Lieutenant • Lieutenant (1st; 2nd) • Frigate Captain (Amaji Navy specific)

[Intermediate] Sub-Lieutenant (Operative Intermediate*) • Corporal (Marine Corp)

[Junior] Ensign (Operative Intermediate*) • Private (Marine Corp)

* (Operative Segments) Operative Intermediate refers to Operatives who are "in-between" the military authority and operative segments. OIs are usually those who are actually civilian operatives but have agreed or chosen to support the military authority with higher priviledges... and burdens.

Example: Kelsea Amaj, Drayson

** Captain Lieutenant is a special rank of the old Imperial Taiidan military, which bears high priviledges and burdens to its bearer. Although its name is confusing, the rank combines leadership and envoy into one.

Example: Delophane Vamaii; Imperial Taiidan Navy (Curse)

~Note that many of these ranks are based on reference material from the HW2 Mod: Point Defense System; featuring ranks with kharakian terms that will be added soon (tm).

  • WIP*

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