This Wikipage contains the general structuring of the Operative Segments. For more information about the specific roles, check this wiki: Operative Roles (such as Support Operative <redirect to operative roles, etc).

Operatives in general are the backbone of any starship serving the Kiith Amaj Navy. Specifically, Operatives are no other then men and women (primarily 1st Generation Amaji individuals) who had joined specific corporations and/or recently had graduated from space academies or universities shortly after the independency of the Kiith Amaj. One of their goals is to offer their support to their Kiith by following orders and tasks given by the superior authories (or sometimes, kiith supremacy) onboard starships. The operatives' doctrine is a unique trait of the Kiith Amaj. Despite knowing the situation of the Kiith and the hazards of space, most of these operatives are inexperienced volunteers who wish to venture the stars and serve as viable members in shaping the future of Amaj as they know that the Kiith Amaj and those they look up to will only survive if they act.

Operative's PurposeEdit

The Kiith Amaj is in great need for crewmen to man and revive the many weary and outdated vessels left behind by the Hiigaran Empire. Although most of these vessels were salvaged, reverse-engineered and re-introduced following the Frigate Doctrine, the Kiith Amaji Navy simply lacks manpower.
The number of skilled Hiigarans are limited. Knowing that their Kiith is in dire need and that these specific Hiigarans desperately fought their survival and lastly their freedom, the Amaji Operatives solely wish to sustain their everlasting gratitude by serving as viable units to ensure their survival in this dangerous galaxy.

Space is treacherous and the future remains dark, yet all lies in the hands of these young men and women as they must stand not only for themselves but as a nation behind those who desperately fought for their survival and independency.

Operative SegmentsEdit

Various fields of duty are broken down to so-called segments. These segments are supervised by a staff of chief operatives and teamleaders, who supervise the subordinates as they receive direct orders and tasks given by bridge command.

Logistics Segment/Communication BranchEdit

This segment handles all administrative and logistics tasks and operates in close contact with bridge command (foremost with the surveillance station). Although bridge command contains a surveillance station, the true logistics segment is located at the core of the Logistics Deck; featuring a small center of operatives directing information to the rest of the crew. Notably, it is considered as a secondary synapse of the bridge.
Another key task of the Logistics Segment is the ongoing need of equipment. Should it be heavy loads of ammo crates or basic cargo, this segment manages these tags.

Furthermore, this segment also operates closely with its brothering communication segment. Interior communication is an imperative factor within a starship. This is also a key factor regarding trade and commerce as this segment is also somewhat the account department of the independantly operating Vjel-Amaj.

The Logistics Segment knows '"where what is needed" - and "knows how to get what from A to B fastest".

  • Logistics Supervision Segment (administrative)
    With the support and knowledge of databases and mobile pads, the Chief Logistics Officer (CLO) and his/her supervision staff are in charge of moving equipment, personnel, data and more to required areas. Regardless of bridge command or given situations, this staff is always in close contact with other operative segments. While Logistics and Communication Operative operate from the center, it is common to see the Chief Logistics Officer at various areas supervising others. Aside to the CLO, the supervision segment is operates from the fixed center in order to regulate the subordinate affairs.
    Example: Chief Logistics Deena Mae Amaj; Rico Amaj
  • Diplomatic Affairs/Communication Branch (segment)
    While not truly considered a segment, the communication branch is a team of subordinates that supports the entire ship by regulating radio communications and connectivities. Bridge Command contains a seperate station that is primarily manned by communication and surveillance operatives. From emergency calls to connecting people, rerouting information has become a common practice. Despite all matters of sophisticated interfaces and computer-aided systems, the efficiency of the entire logistics segment lies in the hands of these operatives.
    Additionally, this group possess a small number of communication operatives who are educated for trade and diplomatic affairs.
    Example: Kelsea Amaj
  • Logistics Transport Branch
    This small branch primarily operates on site whenever the physical movement of object, hardware etc is needed. All designated operatives of this branch partipate by field work and are seldomly seen at fixed administrative locations such as the supervision center. It is common to see designated operatives operating cargo movers or carrying crates around, within a starship or beyond at loading bays.

Notable roles of the Logistics SegmentEdit

Logistics/Communication Operative

Meet the Logistics Officer featuring Deena Mae Amaj and Meet the Communication Operative featuring Kelsea Amaj introduces a short story that gives the reader an insight on the tasks of such personae.
~ Logistic Operatives commonly wear green uniforms.
Further information is available in the Operative Roles page.

Engineering SegmentEdit

This segment consist of all fields that deal with technical affairs throught vessels. Predominantly, the Vjel-Amaj's Engineering Segment is broken down to the following groups.

  • Technical Engineering staff (general)
    Led by the supervising Chief Engineer, this staff handles the major technical aspecpts of the ship, such as the main engineering deck, its propulsion and various other areas. The Chief Engineer supervises not only this staff but also the subordinate initiatives such as mechanics and damage control teams. However, the T-E staff maintains the vessel's primary technical hardware, residing within the Engineering Deck - and operates foremost there. In short, the T-E staff operates "internally".
    Note: T-E Zann commonly resides at bridge command, relaying orders and information from and to the Chief Engineer.
    Examples: Chief Engineer Brogan

  • Mechanics Intiative
    The Mechanics Initiative consists of such engineers and operatives who operate outside the Engineering Deck as the segment's mobile force; featuring Damage Control teams, VJ: Strikecraft Hangar's mechanics team, Technical Engineers (nicknamed "Ten-Gees/10-G") team. In short, the MI teams operate "externally" and follows the tasks given by bridge command, logistics and engineering.

Notable roles of the Engineering StaffEdit

Technical Engineer

Meet the Tengineer features a short story of the eponymous character introducing technical engineer to the reader. Technical Engineers of the Mechanics staff are nicknamed as this to avoid confusion with those operating within and beyond the Engineering Deck. They are notable for their appearance featuring jumpsuits, with various ethernet cables and such strapped around limbs, integrated interface hookports and handy laptop-pads attached to their thighs. Note that it also depends on their current task. If needed for damage control, they will wear similiar protective gear.

~ Also, they commonly were baseball caps classifying their area or Kiith Amaj sigils.

Mechanics/Support Operative

Meet the Support Operative, which is introduced by Velle Xoti Amaj, will bring insight on the eponymous operative. Foremost, Damage Control teams are often in need of extra manpower. Although Support Operatives are commonly laymen, their support is imperative for the entire starship. Whether search and rescue or fire control, the Support Operatives always offer extras hand. More information can be found in Operative Roles.

Example: Velle Xoti Amaj

~Note that morale issues sometimes emerge between the support operatives and others; as their group consists of the lowest rank - sometimes of those who simply have no idea what specific job they should go for.

Science, Astronomy and Techonology (SAT) SegmentEdit

Whenever looking up into the night sky, one will instantly understand that the universe bears an infinity of alluring secrets, celestials and dangers. Exploring such requires both a dedicated and creative organization that is capable of developing ways to understand the unknown.

Exploration is the prime objective of all science vessels, including the Vjel-Amaj. Knowing well that even galactic mysteries exist throughout the nimble Amaji Star Cluster, the Kiith Amaj has founded the SAT Corporation, which also introduced the eponymous segment into various starships. The SAT Corporation is part of the scientific faculty of the Amaji university and space academy. Various degree programs offer field duties such as venturing with starships to domestic celestials.

From Archeology, Bio-Chemistry to bizarre Xeno-Technology, a wide spectrum of operatives are introduced onboard starships whilst gaining access to state-of-the-art equipment. Most notably, it was a random SAT team that found an artifact of great imporatance for the Bentusi, leading to the development of the Vjel-Amaj starship. It is common for SAT teams to adapt their technical enviroment to desired research tasks.

Medical SegmentEdit

The medical staff is led by the Chief Medical Officer, who is supported by a small variety of mobile medics, assistants and support operatives. Alike the source of volunteering SAT operatives, many helpers are enlisted from universities and acadamies of the Kiith Amaj. (WIP)

Example: Doctor Jonas

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