This article features the general list and descriptions of personal armor (and clothing) used by various factions.

Armor Classification (A1 to A5)Edit

Similarly, armor ranges from A1 to A5 (including A0 as personal clothes or even the bare skin) - A1 being for instance the common Amaji jumpsuit uniform to A5's deflective full body armor, space-hardened, exotic internal electronics, etc. Note that while one may survive in an A5 suit against serious assaults that it is not the ultimate way of survival as A5s are likely to be bulkier versus a person in an A2 suit. Also, low level armor may even possess a specific natural resistance type against a specific melee, projectile or energy-based attack(!).

For instance, throughout the debriefing and following research during ACT III, one will discover that the rather deadly high-velocity flechette spike from a specific weapon will cause severe damage to people wearing A2 to A4 armor yet for unusual reasons, it can be resisted by the material of an A1 Amaji utility jumpsuit and cause lesser wounds to impacts upon A0/naked skin. However, the force and impact of such flechette ammunition will cause paralyze damage (in form of pain-inducing trauma). This is due to the specific damage types that exist.

Note that space suits also provide a specific level of protection and can be found throughout various armor tiers. As a slight surprise in state of decompression and exposure, the basic Amaji jumpsuit can actually withstand the vacuum of space for a long period without specific support, provided its wearer has a protective helmet and basic oxygen supply units . Such

Armor classification ranges from (A0) A1 to A5.

The A1 tier features jumpsuits and overalls that may proved basic protection versus uncommon sorts of damage.

The A2 and A3 tiers feature the range of police and marine outfits that provide greater protection (foremost ballistic protection) and are heavier by nature when compared to the A1 grouping.

The A4 and A5+ tiers are commonly state-of-the-art exo suits and hulking personal battle.


Amaji Personal Equiment


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