This page features a general list of fictional personal weapons used in TOVJ and other spinoff installments of the fanfiction. Foremost, each weapon is unique in their use. Some may be for the obvious use of lethal force, others for specific roles and situations that may be even indispensable.

Several weapons are based on real world items as well as existing models from inspirational games and reference materials (e.g. XCOM/UFO:Enemy Unknown). A short list of reference materials can be found at the end of this article.

Note that the classifications (F1 to F5, Tier 1 to Tier 5, etc) are intended to be a simple way of orientating oneself as to how high an individual in the story must be to use an object. Generally speaking (based on the individual's tier level), the lower the number, the simpler or "easier" the object is accessible. Levels do not always apply however.

One must also note that the Tier of an individual is only a general term of level that does not precisely declare the true level of experience, whether should it be a T1 operative (or T0 civilian) or a T3 Amaji marine or any other person. A T1 operative could still receive instructions and training on how to use a specific weapon individually; to migate assumable penalties.

Note: Not all factions and objects are revealed. This is to avoid spoilers.

Lastly, specific objects will also feature quick reference stat aspects to feature PROs and CONs of a specific weapon or object; based on the system of Jagged Alliance(PC Game) in respect rulesets of a "tactical role playing game". This is also to give the reader a viable reference on how objects are in the hands of an average joe. (Example: Amaji Utility Pistol; PRO: Light, Exotic Ammo (paralyze damage); CONs: Low Power, Low Range.

Standard/Conventional arms categories: Pistol, SMG, Carbine, Shotgun, Rifle, Cannon, Launchers

Special/Advanced arms categories: Lancer, Spiker, Repeater, AAR, *TBA*

Weapon Classifications (W1 to W5)Edit

Alike the military classifications in forms of Tier levels, each object (weapons, equipment, etc) may contain a specific classification as a generalization of who is able to use which item. Considering the topics below, each will have their respective "field level" classification (W1, W2, W3, etc - F1, F2, etc) as well. The geneal rule of thumb is: The lower the number, the simpler or general the field. However, depending on the individual person, each weapon has their respective level. An inexperienced T1 operative will have serious difficulties with, say, an exotic T5 weapon.

In short, the W# are secondary units for instance regarding the required "level" to operate the weapon optimally, respectively to each weapon.

As an Example: An Amaji utility pistol is an W1 while a random, standard issue Hiigaran assault rifle is W3. The untrained T1 operative using a W3 rifle would be prone to nervous mishaps and longer reloading times - and worse if in action and under suppressive fire.

The Ordnance Field Tiers (F#) are nothing but an "umbrella classification" - A helpful and additional generalization based on the science level or complexity of specific weapon groups.

Standard Ordnance Field (F1)Edit

Standard Weapons are such that are basic-issue equipment used by various factions throughout the progress of the story. Logically, each faction has their respective plethora of sets. However, as the story progresses, the protagonist factions will soon discover that their ordnance will be inefficient against resilient foes and fauna, forcing them to rely on research and development to produce a new line of special weaponry and equipment.

Advanced Ordnance (F2 - F3)Edit

Venturing through dangerous space and the new world during the course of ACT III and ACT IV, the protagonist factions will discover and develop a row of exotic weapons and special equipment to raise their chance of survival whilst following the phrase: "Adapt, or die". However, such exotic ordnances are nothing but a provisional solution as research and development will reveal. This field will commonly contain newly researched and producible assets.

Exotic Ordnance (E1 - E5) / (F2 - F5)Edit

Likewise, certain objects, whether weapon or equipment, may be too exotic in their nature to reproduce; should it be an extremely foreign piece or simply objects for which the materials for production are unavailable. Exotic ordnance is generally found by salvaged materials from confrontations, as well as the possibilities whenever one meets a new faction.

List of Personal Weapons Links by FactionEdit

Kiith Amaj: Amaji Personal Weapons (featuring certain Hiigaran Personal Weapons as a seperate category)

Hiigaran Empire: Personal Weapons (General, Ordet-Somtaaw, Viirbror Somtaaw)

Vaygr Crusade: Personal Weapons

(Tenreii) Imperial Taiidan: Personal Weapons (forgotten Imperial Taiidans of the M'randara Star System)

(Clanreii) Imperial Turanic clans (e.g. Turanic clans of the forgotten Imperial Taiidan Tenreiis stranded in the M'randara Star System)

Tau Corsari Fealty: Personal Weapons

Turanic Marauder (of Thresher Maw): Personal Weapons

Further actions involved in ACT II, III and IV (and beyond) are not included to avoid spoilers and will receive seperate unlinked pages. These pages may be found indirectly in this TOVJ wikia, but will have SPOILER warnings and should only be read once the time is appropriate.


Reference Material / Inspirational MaterialEdit


Jagged Alliance series (PC GAME)

StarTrek series (TV/Games)



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