While the Kiith Amaj and its serving Navy feature a range of weapons, many of these are mostly inappropriate for the Amaji individuals in many chases. The Amaji defense doctrine issues light weapons to Tier 1 and Tier 2 units; Light weapons that do not possess high stopping power and lethality potentials as the main agenda is to incapacitate the target; leaving the use of lethal force weaponry for Tier 3 marines and higher.

However, Amaji weapons are special in their nature, due to the fact that a T1/F1/W1 weapon may apply exotic damage types (such as the stun gas/biological stun "bullets" of the rather "weak" Amaji utility pistol). Despite the questionable efficiency of these weapons, they have proven themselves worthy in many occassions. Certain units even feature Bentusi technologies. These weapons are chambered to use the wide varieties of the "Amaji 5mm" and "Amaji 10gauge" cartridges.

This page features the current assets of conventional and advanced weaponry in service throughout the Kiith Amaji and its navy.

Personal Weapons: AmajiEdit

Suto Arms Personal Defense InitiativeEdit

5mm "Stungun" Utility Sidearm (Pistol)

5mm "Sue" Duty Submachine Gun

5mm "Subio" Duty Carbine / Personal Defense Weapon

Arson Security CorporationEdit

5mm "Arsec Mk II" Light Machine Gun

5mm "Arsec "

8mm "Arsec Mk III - Heavy Betty" Battle Rifle

10gauge "Arsec Mk I" Amaji Utility Shotgun

Hiigaran Marine Company (Kiith Amaj based)

6mm "SHAR-15 - Viirkur" Standard Assault Rifle (conventional/standard-issue)

40mm "H-GL 40 - Grendel" Heavy Cannon/Grenade Launcher (conventional)

3mm "AHAR-415 Coredine" Advanced Heavy Assault Rifle (exotic/gauss tech)

//To be removed - 3mm "ASR-X24 " Advanced Tactical Sniper Rifle (exotic/gauss tech) *experimental/production discontinued*

Ammo: Amaji 5mm - Stun(Basic), Stun(Exotic), Sharp,

Ammo: Amaji 10mm Charge - Short, Long,

Ammo: Amaji 10gauge Bolt (Shotgun) - Stun(Basic), Stun(Exotic), *Research*, *Research*

Ammo: Hiigaran 6mm

Ammo: Hiigaran 8mm

Ammo: Hiigaran 40mm