Tier Type Caliber Range Action Feed
W3+ Conventional Hiigaran 8mm +500m semi-action 8 rounds

Caliber: Hiigaran 8mm round ("Fat-Bottle")

Class: Heavy Rifle (Battle)

Codenames: Arsec Mk III, "Heavy Betty"


BR (Battle Rifles) are commonly heavy semi-automatic rifles that chamber full power cartridges and thus are considered military rifles. BRs are differentiated from their Assault Rifle(AR), Hunting Rifle(HR), and standard rifle counterparts, as ARs are always full-automatic, possess higher mobility and are less cumbersome. Unlike Hunting Rifles(HR) that are mainly designed for precise sniping and game hunting purposes, BRs feature high-caliber charges to obliterate heavily armored adversaries at the costs of endurance and comfortof its user.

Such weapons possess impressive power for medium, and if not even, long range combat but are considered cumbersome for close-quarters-combat and highly inappropiate for untrained users, especially those who lack the physique and protection to withstand recoil. Battle rifles also come in conventional and exotic variations. Alike ARs, they are highly durable. However, while considered for planet-bound colonies, various factions throughout the galaxy favor variations of battle rifles for brute force.

Pros: High Stopping-Power, Long range, Accurate, Attachments, Durable

Cons: W3 recoil, W3 skill requirement, Weight, Cumbersome, Loud, Muzzle blast, Cumbersome reload

Development HistoryEdit

(See Amaji 5mm Utility Pistol and Manufacturer: Arson Security for full history)

Ever since the establishment of the provisional The Kiith Amaj defense forces after the Hiigaran Empire's departure, the exploration parties discovered weapon caches featuring both conventional and advanced personal weaponry. Although weapons were deemed far too powerful for the common Amaji layman, it was clear that the military branches of the defense force still required true means of force against the raids of pirate factions upon the orbital colony vessel Providence. At times, lethal force would be the only way to protect the citizens from abductions.

The Arson Security Corporation was assigned to develop and, if necessary, reverse-engineer appropiate weapons that could apply to the artificial gravity environment and greatly improve its potentials. Head of department Urdes Nabaal notified that the current results were extremely inappropiate for the cadres of Amaji marines in training and that the BR doctrine was proven far too inefficient for its use onboard starships. Light units such as Amaji marines were greatly encumbered and injured by its use in field tests, even with modifications to counter its penalties.

Modifications to the cartridge's aspects were utter failures. Less powerful rounds negated its primary capabilities. Tests with the highly desired explosive 8mm rounds ended with devastating results as the rounds prematurely met the floor before the actual target. Ultimately, the research team was left no choice but to maintain the cartridge's original aspects and further improve its already controversial and devastating potentials. Chambering the original 8mm was deemed far too overpowered, yet the higher Hiigaran officials decided to issue the controversal rifle as it did possess a one-shot kill result for the price of high recoil and pain to its user.

The officials were mislead into belief that was best and fastest way to mobilize defense forces by having Arson Security remodulate the discovered cache of rifles and produce the reverse-engineered patents of the original rifle. Having no choice to veto the voice of the kiith, Urdes concurred. Regarding this problem, Urdes figured it was best to declare these rifles fully as battle rilfes and to allocate the research department to develop assault rifles that were much more suitable for the desired tasks. Despite the considered failure of these re-issued rifles, Arson Security employs these as well as various improvements to counter its disadvantages. Learning of the severe problems with the weapon's doctrine and the demands of the kiith, Suto Arms PDI assured support and offered patents to counter the brutal force of recoil.

The newly designated "8mm Arsec Mk III" belongs to one of the main intentives for Arson Security to develop and patent Amaji-specific weaponry by cooperating with Suto Arms PDI to avoid future interventions by unreasonable officials.Various departments throughout the Kiith Amaj Navy issue the Mk III battle rifle; although predominately used for special occasions by seasoned Hiigaran marines. Attachments grant minor improvements to counter the disadvantages.

Attributes and PerformanceEdit

The Mk III and its decendants throughout the Kiith Amaj has not seen much action other than critical situations. It is likely that earlier series had seen much action in planetary insurgencies plaguing clans and rivaling colonies. The weapon itself is considered obsolete as the modern Hiigaran military rely on advanced and sophisticated weaponry rather than the conventional chemical/gas-operated predecessors like many of the post-kharakian age. Even so, it is still used as a powerful weapon with armor-piercing capabilities.

Arson Security applied the new Amaji liquid-propellant to further improve the muzzle velocity as well as ensuring that the internal parts of the rifle would not fail to immense force released with each shot. Despite all, the Mk III is widely regarded as a failure. It was already far too obvious that it was unethical for the Kiith Amaji public and law enforcement of Providence. Whenever pirates managed to sneak their way onboard the orbital colony vessel, it is most of the time up to the scarce Hiigaran marines and the Amaji cadre to take on the adversaries. At times, these units must rely on weapons that can penetrate armored foes. Unfortunately, the use of the Mk III has been criticized many times by its users. Each triggered round delivered a crushing blow to its user; should it be its recoil or the thundering muzzle flash and noise. There have also been reports of bystanders not only being dazzled by the blast but also injured by the ejecting shell.

The only true advantage one could ever see was what Arson Security ultimately decided to ensure; that this weapon was assured to cause damage upon anything its rounds would strike upon - should it be the slightest scratch upon the toughest of all armor. It may be an outdated and grossly overpowered for a task that other rifles could do, yet the very few war veterans of the recent war know that both the cartridge and weapon was the only thing to neutralize armored Vaygr soldiers. Certain confrontations against raiding parties upon Providence have been ended by warning shots given by the "Heavy Betty".

Appearance: TOVJ - Act III, argument and presentation by Aaron Salico

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