Tier Caliber Range Action Feed
W1 Amaji 10gauge 200m pump-action 4 bolts

Caliber: Amaji 10gauge


Pros: Accessible (W1+),


Development HistoryEdit

The initial design was conceived and distributed by Hiigaran arms manufacturers during the colonization times of Amaji Prime. However, with the ongoing disputes and insurgencies spreading throughout the outer colonies due to the oppressive breeding regulations of the Empire, many frontier departments decided to replace the distributed stunguns by standard issue service pistols with the desired stopping-power and lethality. It only took a few months until various arms manufacturers neglected its production.

Years later and ever since the Kiith Amaj achieved independence and was neglected by the Hiigaran Empire, the Amaji nation found itself buried in a stash of lethal-force weapons proven too powerful and questionable for the rather pacifistic Amaji individual. The key problem was the Amaji physiology that could not handle the recoil as the common public was not as sturdy in stature as a common Hiigaran; even the recoil of standard pistols could involve the Amaji injuring him- or herself.

The Suto Arms Defense Initiate was established with the focus on developing means of personal defense units suitable for the Amaji nation. Of course, the Amaji were only in their 20s and the remaining Hiigarans were the ones who had to find solutions. Degrading the Hiigaran cartridges proved to be too lacking and yet still too lethal. Following the discovery of the obsolete Hiigaran stunguns, Suto Arms soon discovered that they could use these findings as a basis for a prototype that could be reverse-engineered to their means.

Suto Arms had to be certain about specific goals. The desired pistol was to be issued to the newly established civilian providers such as those in police forces and operatives who serve in the Amaji navy and other areas. Aside to the non-lethal aspects, the pistol needed to respect the Amaji physiology that could handle the recoil without the need of serious fitness. Suto Arms also issued the use of the Gel-propellant liquid technology that was purchased from the Bentusi Enclave - Although designed for different means, the Bentusi agreed. As of today, the pistol chambers the lightweight and versatile Amaji 5mm cartridge that comes in several variants.

Attributes and PerformanceEdit

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