Conventional pistols and handguns are commonly the smallest of firearms used throughout the fictional universe, fielding all sorts of small caliber arms held by either hand - or at times both hands to maintain recoil or larger higher caliber weapons. Small arm pistols range from popular magazine-fed pistols to drum-fed revolvers or even exotic ones of higher technologies.

Types: Pistols/Handguns, Revolvers, Hand Cannons

Pistols/Handguns (magazine-fed)Edit

Classic magazine-fed handguns commonly have a much higher capacity than revolvers. Unlike revolvers, most of these variants are complicated and do require training in fielding and maintaining such.

Amaji-specific pistolsEdit

The basic defense forces of the Kiith Amaj field the Amaji 5mm Utility pistol as a primary sidearm, fielding exotic less-than-lethal and other crowd-controlling ammunitions to counter pirate raids. Though capable of using the 5mm Sharp ammo, many refrain from fielding it as other weapons and forces are viable for such task. Practically all Amaji weapons beyond the pistol class field low recoil characteristics as well as formidable performance for artificial gravity environments unlike Hiigaran arms examples.

Suto Arms is considered the primary arms manufacturer for light weapons throughout the Kiith Amaj.

Hiigaran-specific pistolsEdit

Hiigaran pistols are mostly the exact opposite of Amaji sidearms as these are undoubtedly intended to neutralize foes by lethality. One common aspect is the greater recoil as ages of ballistic research were solely meant for neutralizations on planets, indirectly ignoring the actual physics of artificially gravitated environments such as space stations and vessels. As the Hiigaran-Vaygr war progressed, most armed forces fielded their units by philosophies such as 'the heavier, the better'. Hiigarans

While the Kiith Amaj has a plethora of Hiigaran and non-Amaji personal weapons, only a fraction can handle these as the majority are Amaji people without the physique and training.

Revolvers (drum-fed)Edit

Classic revolvers feature a drum-fed chamber that mechanically rotates per trigger pull. Revolvers are most of the time easier to field for novice users as basic training features solely loading the chambers and pulling the trigger unlike the more sophisticated magazine-fed handguns. Depending on calibers, revolvers differ greatly in both uses and characteristics. Recoil may be much heavier, but can be dealt with at the cost of endurance or specific mechanical aspects of the weapon or ammunition.

A key disadvantage of revolvers is the very low rate of fire combined with the need of removing empty casings and loading single rounds. However, a trained user is capable of loading special rounds for given situations.

Amaji-specific RevolversEdit

Regarding Amaji, revolvers are mostly found in the hands of the Kiith Amaji police force, the Militia Troopers, as well as the unified self-defense force, Amaji Cadre Marine Corp, fielding the heavier and longer Amaji 10mm Long/Heavy rounds. Focused ballistics research by both Suto Arms and Arson Security manufacturers allowed the development of controllable recoil aspects to counter most of the issues caused by weapons within artificial gravitated environments.

Amaji revolvers and its fielded heavier rounds offer greater results in penetration and thus are only applied for military situations such as pirate raids. Predominately, the Nabaali Enclave arms manufacturer to the Kiith Amaj 'Arson Security' develop revolver weapon systems.

Hand CannonsEdit

Commonly referred to as "pocket artillery", hand cannons focuses mostly on large caliber weapons with little as one or few rounds, fielding mostly explosive or armor piercing ammunitions. At times, some require the use of both hands to harness the forceful recoil. Hand cannons are a dangerous asset found most of the time the hands of brute force aggressors such as the invasive Turanic Cartels plaguing the Amaji constellation and beyond.

Reports reveal that hand cannons are also typical for frontier factions and cultures. Furthermore, the rounds alone are chemically propelled by forceful combustions that could easily injure a user of the average Amaji physique.